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Michael Lindsay Andrews is a native of New Mexico. Raised in Santa Fe, Michael feels blessed to have always been surrounded by a city so rich in the arts. “Living here you find yourself surrounded by art. It’s impossible to not be inspired by it all.”

In his early travels with family, he would collect and polish rocks to make jewelry for family and friends. This childhood hobby would evolve into a life-long romance with jewelry.

While in school for architecture he turned back to his first love and began taking jewelry classes. This led to an apprenticeship under some of Santa Fe’s finest legendary jewelers.

Michael created the Lindsay Collection in 1994. He is realizing his dream to synthesize the simplicity of elegant design, craftsmanship and sparkling gems into visual delights.

“My grandfather was an amazing craftsman and a wonderful person. He used his hands to build beautiful things and left his mark on this world. My dream was to find a way to follow in his footsteps. I named the Lindsay Collection in his honor.”

Michael wants to help make your jewelry dreams become reality!